Mining Journal Intelligence and its research partners, Swann and Stratalis, are using Mining Journal’s annual Global Leadership Report to review the most prominent C-suite challenges in the current landscape, as well as how those priorities might change for the C-suites of the future. The results prioritise the issues on the C-suite agenda, analyse where the current focus of executives lies and where it should be looking for the future, and provide broader industry guidance from interviews with the C-suite of mining’s largest companies.

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Findings behind the 2020 Global Leadership report...

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Each year Mining Journal publishes 5 annual reports centred on the most relevant discussion points for the mining sector. These reports bring together intelligence from a cross-section of sources including industry data, reader surveys, and interviews. The Mining Journal Intelligence team bring this information to life, adding layers of context and insight to the numbers. 

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Chris Cann 
Head of Aspermont Research & Intelligence

Educated in Western Australia, where he completed a bachelor of science and post-graduate diploma in journalism, Chris began his resources reporting career in 2004 with publishing houses Paydirt Media (Paydirt, Gold Mining Journal) and Aspermont (RESOURCEStocks, Since arriving in the UK he has completed a geology degree (first class) from the University of London in 2013; the Level Three Capital Markets Programme (Securities) through the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment; and a financial modelling course at City of London University. He became Mining Journal editor in 2015 before building out Aspermont’s dedicated research unit in 2017, at which point he became head of Aspermont research and intelligence.

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The results of our industry-wide Global Leadership Survey also provides unparalleled insight into the areas where the C-suite should be focused both now and in 2030, according to the industry’s key stakeholder groups including METS companies, investors and a mining company’s employees. These findings have the added benefit of being drilled down based on demographics including age, gender, and geography. 

The survey’s findings, combined with Mining Journal-exclusive interviews with the world’s leading resources company executives, reveal not only the full hierarchy of priorities on the C-suite Agenda both today and tomorrow, but which overarching themes – trust, transformation and traditional issues – are painting the agenda’s trajectory.


Executive Summary

An in-depth overview of the top five current priorities on the C-suite agenda.

Executive Interviews

In-depth interviews with 27 executives from leading companies with an aggregate market cap of nearly US$400 billion.

Global Leadership Survey

In-depth analysis of the C-suite Agenda driven by the results of our industry-wide digital survey synthesising the thoughts of more than 500 mining professionals and stakeholders. 

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