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Although the exact numbers vary, most credible forecasters believe copper is headed for a substantial supply deficit by the end of this decade. This is due in part to a lack of prior investment in projects and delays to existing plans, but part of the blame must also go to events that have scared off investors in key jurisdictions – beginning with, but not limited to, the world’s largest producer Chile.
In our 2023 Copper Outlook, we take a deep dive into the supply-demand picture and review the project pipeline for the coming years.

The potential catalysts that could provide a tipping point for the next copper bull run

The jurisdictions to watch in a strong copper environment

A spotlight on promising development and exploration-stage companies

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Is the red metal ready to take off?

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Copper demand has always been seen as a barometer for the health of the global economy due to its use in a diverse range of applications. Now demand is expected to soar thanks to the red metal’s critical role in the green energy transition, which includes use in electric vehicles, electricity grids, wind and solar power facilities, and battery storage.