Four years since the Brumadinho disaster, mine operators have made strong progress on implementation of the Global Tailings Management Standard. Meanwhile, those that have dragged their feet have come under increased pressure from investors and other stakeholders to comply.
Our annual tailings report has tracked the industry’s efforts to improve tailings management since the inaugural edition in 2019. Last year’s report focused on how innovations in dewatering and filtration, as well as the increased use of digitalisation, have helped to improve the performance and safety of tailings facilities.

This fifth annual tailings report will build on the theme of technology and innovation in the tailings space. With our partners, we take a deep dive into how technologies such as autonomous drones, satellites, InSAR models, machine learning and digital twins are being used to monitor the health of tailings facilities, and at how smarter use of dewatering and traditional solutions are helping to reduce the risk of disaster.

The report also looks at which technologies are in the development pipeline. By putting the spotlight on the best innovations in tailings management and monitoring, we hope to play a role in helping mining companies find the ideal solutions to enable them to improve safety and stakeholder engagement in this post Brumadinho world. Download the full report and infographic below.

View the latest updates from our mining company partners on the future of tailings.

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OREN driving tailings facility operators to be proactive in managing risk.

Tailings-facility management is one of three key focus areas for OREN, a Shell/IBM venture offering digital technology solutions to help mining companies achieve sustainability performance goals.
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An integrated thought leadership program from Mining Magazine, Mining Journal and Australia’s Mining Monthly.


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• A look at the Global Industrial Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) and its intended impact

• How GISTM compliance impacts tailing management for mining companies and investors

• Key technologies and innovation for successful tailings management

• A look into companies developing new technologies to improve tailings management

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What’s inside the report:

Expert panellists Ken Rahal of FLSmidth, Dan Leybourne of OREN and Dr. Priscilla Nelson of the Tailings Center discuss the role of new technologies - and new ways of leveraging and proven technologies - in managing tailings risk.

What role can new technologies play in tailings?

FLSmidth on its mission to achieve net-zero emissions and zero water waste in mining and tailings.

FLSmidth on its mission to achieve net-zero emissions and zero water waste in mining and tailings
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SRK & TNT on solving major pain points in tailings management

Both firms offer solutions to tailings operators of all sizes and with facilities ranging everywhere from wet to arid environments.
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FLSmidth sharpens technology to improve mining process.

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Weir developing new technologies to stabilize tailings.

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In July 2023, Mining Magazine, Mining Journal and Australia Mining Monthly conducted a research survey among 50 global respondents from mining organisations varying in size. The sample was pulled from across senior management levels in mining operations and mining waste/waste management.

FLSmidth sharpens technology to improve mining process.

Mining Magazine speaks with FLSmidth's Kenneth Rahal to discuss new technologies under development to improve residue management and optimise the mining process to diminish the number of mine dumps produced.
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Don't Wa$te on Waste

Mining Magazine speaks with Weir Mineral’s Eric Vlot to discuss the industry standard on tailings management, technology and sustainability.
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