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What began as an EV story has increasingly turned into a story of supply security, as policymakers and companies operating up and down the lithium-ion battery value chain have begun to understand the importance of securing raw materials. This sense of urgency has become more palpable since the UK and EU decided to ban internal combustion engine vehicle sales by 2030 and 2035 respectively, and the US and China set goals of having EVs account for 50% and 40% of all new vehicle sales respectively by 2030.

The outlook for lithium and an attempt to answer the question on everyone’s lips: can this incredible bull run continue?

The jurisdictions to watch in an increasingly strong lithium environment

A spotlight on producers, development and exploration-stage companies that will lead the lithium sector in the coming years

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Can EV battery metal continue its incredible bull run?

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The lithium market has so far defied doomsday predictions from a number of big investment banks, continuing the incredible bull run that began in 2020 when the electric vehicle boom took off.