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URANIUM OUTLOOK: Perfect Storm = Perfect Opportunity

Uranium mining interest has been sluggish since the Fukushima disaster of 2011.
However, a perfect storm of events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the energy transition agenda have led to a swift and remarkable rehabilitation of the metal’s future.  
Due to minimal investment in uranium over the past decade, scaling up production will take time, and there will be an increasing imbalance in supply and demand.
At this year’s Diggers and Dealers conference in Australia, Duncan Craib from Boss Energy stated, "I can honestly tell you the fundamentals of the uranium market are the strongest I've seen in living memory".
With the march towards providing renewable energy at scale, investors will look at uranium miners as an attractive investment opportunity.
Mining Journal and Mining have published their second annual Uranium Outlook, examining market conditions and featuring some of the key uranium mining projects globally.

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